About Memair

Homosapien evolved for the open grasslands of Africa. Memair is a software upgrade for our paleolithic brains.

Quantified Self

Quantify yourself by recording activities, movements, biometrics, thoughts, and other data points. Read more.

Extended Mind

Seamlessly connect to your consolidated and organised data for perfect recall. Read more.

Extended Cognition

Make data driven decisions based on you. Integrate shallow AI into your data sets to surface insight. Discover you beyond your limited conscious perception. Read more.

Imagine the scenario of deciding what to eat. Cravings for high caloric food served humans well in paleolithic era. Now that calories are abundant, our paleolithic cravings are detrimental to our wellbeing. By collecting cravings, ingestion, and emotion data, and experimenting, we can determine how to best satisfy our cravings to maximise a useful metric like happiness or energy.